The Full Trading Course


Why the Full Trading Course?
marizenWhether you have zero or basic knowledge about the financial markets, you have come to the right place. This site offers you a comprehensive understanding of how the equities and forex market works.

The Full Trading Course is a compilation of useful practical learning for you to start a trading career. It covers topics from general market knowledge to trading system development and from portfolio and risk management to trading psychology. We developed this course to do away with the inapplicable subjects in a formal seminar like Certified Securities Specialist Course offered by the PSE. So to spend PhP6,000 compared to a PhP60,000 course is a great bargain especially for those who are just starting out.


The reason why you should try this course is because our teaching style is open-ended. We do not force a specific style of trading nor do we insist one style is far more superior than the other. We lay down the foundation for you to build what suits you. We don’t dictate. We let you choose. We don’t ask you to follow. We teach you to think by yourself. We don’t breed sheep. We breed lions.

Moreover, we always give you two sides of the coin. Remember, it’s always easy to sell greed. We simply focus on all the profits that you can earn but at the end of the day, you wouldn’t learn how to be fearful. This means that we give as much warning as we do the possibilities of profits.

Not a webinar
The Full Trading Course is not a webinar. This is a series of modules containing videos that explains the things you should learn about trading. Once you get a pass, you can view it over and over again for 365 days. No need to be in a hurry to attend a webinar. No worry missing out on one. The course is at a click of a finger at your own pace.

But of course, when you have questions you can always post it in the comment section or send us an email and we will address it within 24 hours. This means you are always free to consult us with your queries and clarifications. We love people asking questions. 🙂

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Course Content for Full Trading Course:
List of topics:
1. General Market Knowledge
– Introduction to Equities Trading and the PSE
– Introduction to the FX Market
– Introduction to Technical Analysis
– Macroeconomics
– Long vs. Short
– Dirty Tricks in the Stock Market

2. Technical Analysis
– Price Action, Trends, Support and Resistance
– Chart Patterns – Continuation, Reversals, Gaps
– Fibonacci Retracement and Extension
– Technical Indicators – Volume, Simple Moving Averages, MACD and RSI
– Japanese Candlestick

3. Strategic Trading Systems
– Charting Software Orientation
– Trading System Development – Entry, Exit, Money Management
– Portfolio and Risk Management
– Rate per Pip & Daily Pip Range
– Diversification in FX
– Leverage and Margin in Detail
– MT4 Orientation

4. Trading Psychology

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