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AUDJPY short

 Posted by at 3:51 PM  FX Market
Aug 292018

Entry 81.30 or higher TP 79.00

AUDJPY short by traderh on TradingView.com

GBPAUD short

 Posted by at 9:20 PM  FX Market
Aug 162018

8/29 update -> current fundamental development seems to put AUD to a bearish bias and GBP in a bullish scenario, that could put GBPAUD on a long bias than short. You can reverse your trade before you actually hit your stops if you have any.

Entry 1.754 TP 1.705

GBPAUD short by traderh on TradingView.com

NZDJPY short

 Posted by at 10:40 AM  FX Market
Aug 072018

NZDJPY Short by traderh on TradingView.com

EURUSD short

 Posted by at 12:47 PM  FX Market
Jul 182018

Entry 1.16, TP 1.06

EURUSD short by traderh on TradingView.com

GBPNZD short

 Posted by at 10:08 AM  FX Market
May 192018

Entry 1.93 to 1.97, TP 1.83-1.86

GBPNZD short by traderh on TradingView.com

GBPCAD, short

 Posted by at 3:00 PM  FX Market
Mar 272018

Short Entry 1.83, TP 1.74

GBPCAD short by traderh on TradingView.com