May 182017

The financial sector has been gaining ground recently. BDO, BPI and MBT doesn’t seem to have an opportunity for us to get in with a pull back, much as well UBP. Here are 4 banks that I’ve noticed violating the higher high and higher low movement in the near term. They are currently looking for a level of support from the market.

I plotted the fibonacci levels and possible role reversal support. Take your pick as to where you would want to start buying. You can always split your buying into different tranches to apply money and risk management.
EW – Eastwest Bank
2017-05-18 EW
PBB – Philippine Business Bank
2017-05-18 PBB
PNB – Philippine National Bank
2017-05-18 PNB
RCB- Rizal Commercial Bank
2017-05-18 RCB


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